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Heritage Club

One of our greatest aspirations in life is to leave a mark-to make a difference.

No doubt there are issues that face our community that you feel passionate about - leadership development, health, education, housing, and childcare. Through your care and commitment, you can help ensure that our YMCA has a secure future and that YMCA programs continue to address the most urgent needs in our community. Through the YMCA of Greater Long Beach Heritage Club, you'll be a community builder, and your contribution will be respected and recognized for years to come.

The Heritage Club is a particular group of friends who believe in the purpose and values of the YMCA. They want to ensure a better tomorrow for our society's children, youth and families, especially those in need.

Heritage Club members plan their gifts to generate endowment funds at The YMCA of Greater Long Beach. Contributions of The Heritage Club members build the Endowment Fund. These funds are invested for long-term income and growth, and a portion of the investment income and growth fund YMCA programs each year. If you qualify as a Heritage Club member, please contact us so we can recognize you and invite you to our recognition dinner each year. Kindly complete the intention form here or here for more information on the Heritage club.